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Affordable (Cheap) Rooms in Harrisonville

Harrisonville is a small town outside of Kansas City, Missouri which is a benefit for most travelers and folks looking for cheap accommodations in the area.  The reason behind this is the low city and county taxes in Cass County.  When compared with hotels in major cities such as Kansas City, the low tax advantage in Harrisonville allows hotels and motels such as our Slumber Inn to offer the lowest rates around town. The Slumber Inn has rates from the low $40s which are some of the lowest rates in Harrisonville and surrounding cities.  Book online or give us a call for the cheapest motel rooms in the Harrisonville area.

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TV Channels at Harrisonville Hotels

The TV situation in hotels has remained relatively standard for years.  Hotels in Harrisonville and across the country have been offering a handful of channels with a couple of premium channels such as HBO or Showtime.  Guests at home these days have hundreds of channels and are having to resort to WiFi or streaming content when staying at hotels.  This is an unpleasant experience and we wanted to improve it for a while, but the technology was not available, until now. We have updated our TV system and are now offering 100+ channels from DirecTV and a programming guide that guests are accustomed to utilizing at home.  We can safely say we offer the best TV viewing experience when compared to other hotels in Harrisonville or in any of the neighboring towns.  We also have more channels than any of them. We are going to continue updating the TV system to include more channels down the road.  But for now, whether you stay one night, or several weeks for business at our hotel/motel, you will have peace of mind knowing you have extensive entertainment channels to keep you occupied during your stay.

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Hotel in Harrisonville Launches New Website

Wow.  Time flies!  We launched our first website nearly 10 years ago and times have changed.  There were no iPhones, or other mainstream smartphones on the market back then, so our website was accessed using a PC like all sites of that era. As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end eventually.  That era of just a desktop browser based website is long gone and websites now have to account for different devices, screen resolutions, etc.  So, in keeping up with the times in the digital world, we embarked on a project to modernize our website with all of today’s bells and whistles.  We are the first hotel in Harrisonville to have a fully responsive website meaning you can access it on any device and it will look beautiful.  The website has a lot more information and it is easier to find and read that information. We are also the first hotel in Harrisonville to offer a fully integrated booking engine.  This means you can book your stay with us using our website and don’t have to leave and visit a third-party site.  This makes it simpler and less confusing for our guests.  This will also […]

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